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Line-ups and goalscorers for every competitve game that Arsenal have played in.

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High quality scans of Arsenal handbooks

Arsenal Books
High quality scans of Arsenal books

Putting The Record Straight
Over the years, some of the events in Arsenal's history have been misreported, misrepresented or totally twisted.
This page aims to right the wrongs.

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Making The Arsenal

Untold Arsenal



Arsenal On This Day

Books that every Arsenal fan should have in their collection.

Woolwich Arsenal 1893-1915: the club that changed

Woolwich Arsenal FC: 1893-1915 The Club That Changed Football
The most comprehensive history of the club covering the Woolwich Arsenal era.
All content researched from scratch, no re-hashing of old stories.
Chapter 1 tells the complete previously untold story of why Royal Arsenal was transformed into Woolwich Arsenal.

Making The Arsenal

Making The Arsenal
Tony Attwood's novel based on the 1910-11 period when Henry Norris and William Hall saved Woolwich Arsenal from extinction.
Told from the perspective of fictional journalist Jacko Jones.

The Crowd At Woolwich Arsenal
The Crowd At Woolwich Arsenal
Mark Andrews' thesis which gained him an MA.
Expands on the crowd chapter in Woolwich Arsenal: 1893-1915 the club that changed football.
A fascinating insight into the make-up and behaviour of the crowd that followed Woolwich Arsenal around the country more than 100 years ago.